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Terms and Conditions

All orders received by Subthump are considered a commitment from the buyer.† Subthump reserves the right to accept or deny any order at any time for any reason.† If you need to cancel an order, please do so promptly by phone or e-mail. †All cancelled orders prior to shipment are subject to a 15% cancellation fee.††Once an item is shipped from our location, it cannot be cancelled.Refusing a shipment because you changed your mind or didnít want to pay to return the item will result in those shipping charges also being deducted from your credit amount.We will not start a custom project until a full payment or down payment has been collected.† Once construction begins on a custom piece, no cancellations will be accepted.† Down payments on custom orders are non-refundable. †Subthump takes no resonsibility for the content contained in these pages. †All information is intended for reference only. †Subthump reserves the right to modify or update content at any time as the need arises without notification.†

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