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Shipping Policy

We use UPS to deliver our packages.  Some smaller items are sent postal mail.  Most in stock items such as harnesses ship same day or next business day--depending when the order comes thru. Custom boxes or boxes with other customizations will take longer to fabricate so please understand that and be patient.  Tracking numbers for most shipments will be e-mailed at the time of shipment. Please allow adequate time for delivery to your area.  Please note that we do not ship on weekends and most carriers do not deliver on weekends or holidays.  Therefore if you need a particular item to arrive at a certain time, our advice is to order in advance.  We have a schedule and do not like being rushed at the last minute.  Some items can be shipped expedited in certain situations.  Extra charges will apply, simply contact us for rates.



Shipping Times 

Once an order has been accepted, the time that it takes prior to shipping varies depending on the specific item being purchased.  Most of our boxes are built on demand.  Due to the sheer number of different box models we have accrued over the past 20 years (over 400 models), each having several speaker size and color options, along with some having several logo options, it is impossible to "stock" all of them.  In normal times, we typically can ship within several days.  During higher demand periods such as tax season or christmas time, we are seeing 3-4 times the volume of orders each day, which can easily exceed or daily output, and therefore a 1-2 week window is possible during these high-demand periods.  We are a growing company and are working diligently to try to satisfy the massive increase in demand for our product.  The only alternative to combat excessive amounts of orders is to eliminate certain designs or raise prices.  We really want to avoid those options for the sake of our customers as we want to help everyone we can.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during high-demand periods and we ask that you please be courteos when contacting our staff.  



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