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Returns are available only on non-customized items within 10 days of receipt.  After that period, returns will not be accepted-No Exceptions.  Boxes with customized air spaces or shelves or special colors or anything of that nature cannot be returned.  Boxes with customized or altered speaker hole sizes different than our normal size holes are non-returnable.  In other words if you asked us to vary from our normal production item specifically for you and we ship it to you, then it is yours and cannot be returned. 

For valid returns, please e-mail us if you wish to exchange or return an item. Once you have authorization to return or exchange an item, you will be given the return address and other instructions.  Please make sure that you  pack the item well for shipment in the original container if applicable.  You are the shipper and are responsible for the safety of the itemAny damage to items returned to us will be deducted from your credit amount.   Items returned to us with screw holes or other modifications will be discarded and no credit given.  A 15% restocking fee will be assessed to all authorized returns for refund made within the return period. Items returned without prior authorization will receive no credit whatsoever
hipping charges are non-refundable. Full credit of the item (less shipping and restocking fees) will only be given on items that have a copy of the receipt or order number enclosed and returned to us in like-new re-sellable condition--i.e.  without screw holes or other damages or modifications.  In other words, you should fit the box to the vehicle to make sure you have ordered the correct item before securing your speakers to it.  Once you put screw holes in it, it becomes a used item and we will not accept it for refund or exchange for any reason.  Boxes with non standard speaker holes (ie standard for 10" is 9-1/8, 12" is 11-1/8") cannot be returned for any reason whatsoever.  Boxes with square speaker holes cannot be returned for any reason. 

Refusal of a shipment in order to return a product, will result in the return shipping fees being deducted from your refund amount along with the restocking fee listed above.  If you want to return something, mail it back to us.  Refusing a shipment is unacceptable. 

A signed copy of our Return Form is Required with all returns. Please contact us for a copy of this form.

All 3rd party electronic components have a standard 30 day return policy.  After 30 days, product warranties will take effect for the period specified for each component.  

Below is a list of instances of when we will NOT accept returns or exchanges.

1.  My speaker doesn't fit in this box.  This is something that is out of our control and certainly not our fault any particular speaker doesn't fit.  We will never guarantee any sub will fit any box unless we have physically done this fitment and recorded this information.  When buying a box, please purchase the box first and find a sub that will fit based on the constraints of the box.  Sometimes we can give recommendations of certain models we know fits a certain box.  In fact, we carry a whole line of subs that will fit every box on our site.  If you ask us if your current speaker will fit a particular box and we are not familiar with that speaker, then how do we know?  We are not experts on every sub/box combination and can only give estimates based on the advertised depth and magnet size.  Therefore it is best to find a box you like and then find subs that will fit.  Our boxes are typically the deepest of any available on the market so if your sub won't fit one of our boxes, then it will not likely fit anything else so trying to send the box back does not make sense.  Instead, it is much more sensible to find woofers that will fit the box.  Occasionally, there are remedies to increase depths of certain boxes in some situations.  However, we highly recommend finding a sub to fit the box, not trying to fit the box around the sub.    

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