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In the event an order needs to be cancelled, please refer to our cancellation policy below: 

Please note that not all orders can be cancelled.  Highly customized orders where we are building something very specific or orders where production has already started cannot be cancelled. Orders that have been packaged and prepped for shipping cannot be cancelled. Orders that have already shipped cannot be cancelled. All cancelled orders are subject to a 10% inconvenience fee. 

If you wish to inquire about cancelling an order and would like us to check into this to see if it is possible, please complete the required cancellation form below and email it to us at  Our main objective is to avoid cancellations completely and we would much rather work with our buyers on an individual basis to create a feasible solution.  Therefore if there is something we can do like moving an order up or meeting a specific delivery date, please allow us the chance to do this.  



Subthump Order Cancellation Request



Customer Name or Name on the Order:_____________________________________

Order Date:  _________________

Order #: _____________________

Email:  ______________________________


Reason for wanting to cancel:


By signing and returning to us, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth above.  Please note that this does not necessarily
mean you order will be cancelled.  We will first check to see if it is possible and email if it can be carried out or not. 


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