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About Us

Who is Subthump 

Founded in 1999, we are a small private manufacturer of custom speaker enclosures in Central Indiana.  Over the past 15 years, we have grown from 1 employee to 6.  Our focus has always been on the retail customer and getting them a quality product that can't be found elsewhere and in a very timely manner.  Unlike most re-sellers that just want to stack their websites full of someone elses products and drop-ship from a warehouse, we actually design and manufacture our own line of custom enclosures.  Not only does this add value to our product, but this gives us unmatched control and flexiblity in each individual order.  We can tweak a design on the fly to suite a customers needs, whereas most other sellers have no control over the design because they are not the manufacturer.  Take a look at our catalog and you will find a multitute of custom cabinets that you simply will not find anywhere else, making us one of the leaders in the custom enclosure industry. 


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