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Subthump Exclusive 2010-2015 Camaro Plug & Play Factory Amp Replacement Kit V4.0 *Hot Product*

 [item: 5G-FARK ]
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Subthump Exclusive 2010-2015 Camaro Plug & Play Factory Amp Replacement Kit V4.0 *Hot Product*

FARK V4.0 
-Fits 2010-2015 Camaro Coupe With Boston Acoustics Factory Sound Systems
(search item 5G-VRTFARK if you need the convertible specific model)

What is Fark and What does it do?

Fark stands for Factory Amp Replacement Kit

-Allows you to replace the factory Boston Amp with a better aftermarket amp

-The harness set allow your new amp to interface with the existing wiring in the car

-You will not have to cut your car's wiring or run any new speaker wires to your speakers

-Works with All BA Head Units, Including MyLink


-Our connectors simply snap onto your car's audio harness sections.  The (5G-X3RCA) Input Harness has RCA's to plug directly into your amp via RCA cables for audio input.  Our (X2) Cable is the output harness.  Snap this harness onto the car's X2 connector and hardwire the 8 wires to your amp's speaker out terminals.  The Two (X2A) Rear Speaker Harnesses features an inline filter and Allows our kit to power Both the sub and tweeter portion of your rear speakers.  It also doubles as a rear speaker pigtail if you decide to replace your rear speakers.  Simply snip off the ba speaker connector on each x2a and use that instead of cutting up your car's harness. 

-Sold in over 8 Countries Worldwide.  We have sold this harness in The US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Israel, Australia, UK, and Switzerland. 


This Kit Contains the Following Interface Cables: 

(1) 5G-X3RCA  This is the 4 channel input RCA harness
(1) 5G-X2  This is the speaker output harness
(2) 5G-X2A V3.0 These are adapter harnesses for the rear 6x9 speakers (not used in convertible)
The new x2a harnesses will power both the mid and tweeter of each 6x9 speaker despite the myth floating around that only certain parts will function. 


See our video here for a complete explanation of how it works

Here is a Installation Tutorial performed by one of our customers

And another customer install here


Do you own a new Camaro and feel your Boston Sound System is letting you down?  Well now you have the ability to replace your weak stock amplifier with any 4 channel amplifier of your liking.  We have developed a plug and play kit that connects to your new amp and interfaces with the stock audio harnesses and connectors.  Most Importantly, You will not have to cut any of your cars wiring.  You will not need to dicipher the factory wires or schematics.  You will not have to run any new wiring through your car (All the connections are made in the trunk).  You will not have to retain the factory amp and leave it partially connected to keep crazy things from happening or keep certian car functions working.  Once disconnected, it can be completely removed from the car. 


Our kit allows the complete removal and replacement of the stock amp.  See video above.  With your aftermarket amp connected via our kit, your speakers will get more power and cleaner signals.  This allows for better clarity, and higher output levels.  Plus, by having independent control of the amps settings, you will have complete control of your system for better overall sound reproduction.  All functions of the car are retained with our kit.  Chime, Onstar, backup sensors, etc still function as usual.  Since the kit is plug and play and no wires were cut, you can change back to stock quickly and easily.  Also, our kit is compatible with all factory head units from 2010-2015, as well as any head unit installed using the Metra, Scosche, or Apline dash kits.  In other words, it works the same, no matter what radio is installed in the dash.  All it does is allow your amp to amplify the audio signal that is being sent by the radio.


This is a complete kit of just the required interface harnesses as mentioned.  Some of you may already own our 4 channel X3 plug and play RCA harness that is included in the kit.  If you already own this harness, there is no reason purchase another.  You may simply de-select the X3 harness in the menu box and it will be deducted and removed. 

PLEASE!! DO NOT let any sound shop hack up your wiring as if they think know how to change out the stock amp.  And certianly don't let them "learn on the fly" with your Camaro as their guinnea pig.  We have heard so many horror stories already of 'installs gone bad' simply because installers are not familiar with the Camaro's wiring and proceed to cut the plugs off the harnesses (yikes).  Even experienced installers have made major errors wiring up new Camaros that sends their owners home confused, disgusted, and broke footing the bills.   Just think if you take your car somewhere and they cut the ends off your harness--you will not be able to return it to stock easily by yourself.  You will have to pay them again to undo the mess they made.  Our kit is a small price to pay for some peace of mind knowing you can do it yourself and it will be done right.  Get our kit and save yourself some time, money and possibly frustration. 


Customer Reviews:

My system kicks ass now. I just came in from my garage after listening to my system and it really sounds sweet. My GF says it sounds like you are at a concert when I crank the volume up.

Just wanted to say thank you Steve, just finished installing my amp and sub thanks to the X3. I think this is the first time I have actually had my bass turned down passed 5 since I have owned her, lol sitting at -1 and loving it!
awesome job on a well crafted kit!
 Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I lose my door chimes?...No
Will I lose my backup warning sound?...No 
Will I lose my onstar voice?...No
Will the tweeters in my doors still work?...Yes, of course.
Will I lose my wimpy center speaker?...Yes and you will not miss it so plz don't worry.
Will this kit work with the base factory stereo.  No, Boston Acoustic Stereo Only!!!
Will your kit work with the My Link head unit?...Yes.  Any radio you put in the dash will work.
Can I run multiple amps with this kit?...Yes, if your multi-channel amp has rca outs, you can run those to your sub, if not, you can use 'y' adapters to split the rca signal from our rca harness to the sub amp
I'v installed this kit and my backup tone is not working?...You have your amp set to filter out high frequencies.  The chime is a high frequency, so set your rear channels to full range.
What are the two gray harness for in the kit?...In short, they make rear speakers function properly.  To install, simply unplug the factory connection at each rear 6x9 and install our gray (X2a) harness in-between.  This will power both the midrange and tweeter portion of each rear 6x9
I've decided to change out my 6x9s, how do I do this?...Utilizing our gray x2a, simply snip off the connector that normally plugs into the factory speaker and use the bare leads to hardwire to the aftermarket speaker.  This leaves all your factory wiring completely intact.




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