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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying An Avalanche Sub Box

A subwoofer box is one of the important things that you should buy when you want to improve the bass output in your Avalanche. The function of the subwoofer box is particularly imported because it not only enhances the sound from your subwoofer, but it also serves to protect the subwoofer as well. Therefore, the advantages of buying such a box can never be overemphasized. What many people find difficult is choosing the one that suits their needs perfectly.

You need to know that there are many types of subwoofers and so; each one of them requires specific types of box.

The following are just some of the characteristics of the best ones.

Quality of sound

The foremost important thing to consider is how good your sound will be after you install the box in the vehicle.

In order to guarantee the best quality of sound, it is important to match the volume requirements of the subwoofer closely to the available space of the subwoofer box. Certain vehicles like Avalanches don’t have a lot of space under the rear seat. So the box will need to be somewhat compact. Therefore you should choose a sub or subs that require a smaller air space. Often times this means shallow subs, since shallow subs are designed to work in very small volume boxes. Also, the materials used to make the box can affect the quality of sound. The best materials used for making subwoofer boxes include fiberglass and mdf (medium density fiberboard). Fiberglass is great because it can mold non-uniform areas very well in order to maximize air space. The major downside to fiberglass enclosures is that they can be incredibly expensive and sometimes cost-preventive. MDF on the other than is quite affordable and very sturdy. It has become the industry standard for most enclosures on the market today. It is relatively easy to work with and the sound from a mdf will rival and sometimes beat out a fiberglass counterpart.


The most well built enclosures are the ones that stand the test of time. What better investment than one that lasts for years and years without a second thought. Nobody wants to have to buy a new avalanche sub box every year or so because of durability issues. So when searching for a new avalanche sub box, search for a reliable company (preferably in the US) who builds their own enclosures in the US and not overseas. Enclosures made overseas, specifically in china are typically built very poorly and blow apart very easily. Yes they look cheap because of the low price but the old saying holds true that you get what you pay for.

Compatibility with your subwoofer

Before purchasing an avalanche sub box, think about its compatibility with your speakers. There is not a lot of space under the rear seat of an Avalanche. So when searching for a box, take note of the mounting depth that the box offers. Choose a subwoofer that has a mounting depth equal to or less than the mounting depth of the box. This will ensure a proper fit of your subwoofer into the box without issue. Sometimes this means using shallow woofers because shallow woofers are designed to be used in very tight spaces. And so you may need to choose a shallow sub to fit in your avalanche subwoofer box. It is always advisable on a special application such as an avalanche to find the box first and then find subwoofers to fit in the box. Because if you go and buy large subwoofers first, then try to find a box that not only fits your vehicle, but also the subwoofers you bought, you may be in for a big surprise. So remember to check compatibility first.

After finding the right subwoofer box, the focus shifts to the installation process. Even if you find the best Avalanche sub box in the world, it will be useless unless you install it correctly. Know the terminals where to connect the speaker wires and every other accessory that you might have. If you are not sure about this, no need to worry because an expert can always do it for you. You can also contact the manufacturer for more information just in case there is something beyond your understanding.