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Subthump Camaro Stealth vs Competitor’s box

Thanks to the beauty of the internet, there are now more buying choices than ever. But a conscious buyer must be aware that while certain items from some sellers may offer a lower price than a similar item from another retailer, there may be a reason that might not be so obvious at first glance. Case in point, take a look at our competitors “stealth” enclosure for the 2010-2015 Camaro.

Generic Camaro Box

Naturally these are cranked out in China, probably by the thousands, packed in container ships and floated over the US to be sold to unsuspecting buyers who don’t know any different. But if you look at the back side, you will notice that this box is basically two rectangular shaped boxes connected together with a face-plate on the front. Now if you had never seen the back of any other version of this box, you might think this was okay. And the price seems cheap enough right? After all it’s only about 9 parts in all and they are all rectangular, aside front the front plate. If you are selling these by the thousands, this might seem like a great scheme. But This is pure garbage from our standpoint and nothing more than cutting corners in order to offer a low price.

Now in contrast, take a look at the Subthump Camaro stealthbox for the 2010-2015 Camaro.
Our Box

This box is our own stealth box, designed and built right here in Good Ol Indiana USA. You will quickly notice how much more intricate the overall design is. If you try to count the parts that make up this box, your head will start to spin. By having a design that is more precise and contours the car better, you end up with more air space for the subwoofer and a better fit overall. This equates to a better looking and sounding system. And that is the bottom line. This is what it takes to make a proper box that is worthy of putting our stamp of approval on.

So next time you are in the market for a custom box, be sure to compare more than just the price. Know where it comes from and who’s behind it because there is a lot of this going around. Don’t get cheated, get a Subthump Camaro Stealth and know you are getting the best.