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Alternatives to Overpriced JL Audio Stealthboxes

The StealthBox from JL Audio is a custom-fit subwoofer box that can be incorporated into a vehicle’s interior without taking up too much space, while still providing remarkable bass. Stealthboxes from JL Audio have been designed to fit in particular vehicles and the appropriate subwoofers are pre installed into them to ensure optimal performance.

Once a Stealthbox system has been paired with an appropriate amplifier, the subwoofer begins to create undeniable and stealthy bass.

The main problem with JL Stealthboxes is that their prices have gone beyond what many customers can afford. Who wants to pay 900-1600 for a box and suboowfer and be locked into the sub they offer. This is where companies like Subthump come into play because we can offer similar items for hundreds and hundreds less and you have more freedom to choose the sub you want. Not everybody wants a JL sub or the wimpy JL sub they might load into a certain Stealthbox. Buying an empty enclosure is definitely an option to consider, especially if you can keep several hundred dollars of your hard earned money in your pocket.

We have several of our own models of Stealth boxes that we produce. From FJ Cruiser, to Jeep Cherokee, to Camaro and Impreza and growing. Remember, when looking for a stealthbox, check out Subthump for their very affordable offerings. On top of the models, we also do custom coverings and even logos on some. So be sure to check those us out for alternatives to the JL Audio Stealthbox will not disappoint those who want to listen to powerful yet stealthy bass in their vehicle at affordable prices.