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Prototyping for 2016 Camaro Boxes

I have finally had time to really tear into the 2016 to see what we can do to get a box to fit this god forsaken trunk.  Up till now, it has been cold and haven’t really had the time or motivation to work on it till now. IMG_3349So here’s proof that we do have something in the works.  This is just our 1st design so if you are not into big double boxes, then we will try to have something else once we finalize this design.



IMG_3347Normally when we start prototyping, I design out of wood.  But after two wooden boxes that didn’t suit me, I decided to start fresh using cardboard.  I have never had to restort to using so much cardboard in my life.  That just tells you hard hard this trunk is to work with.  Because once you get a box just the way you want it, then you have to see if it will install thru the front or rear opening and then rotate into position.  That has been kicker so far but I believe I am real close so hang in there.