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Are you looking for Stealth Box

Want your car to rock without sacrificing your storage space? Well if that is the case then a custom-fit stealthbox is perfect for your situation. A stealthbox is a general term for a subwoofer box that conforms to tight or compact areas of your vehicle’s interior. The nice thing about this is that it frees up a lot of space for other items such as luggage or groceries that people transport in everyday life. Don’t be fooled by their small stature because most stealth boxes can still pack a wallop and deliver surprisingly good bass response.

The term ‘stealthbox’ is a branded term by the he manufacturer (JL Audio) who makes fiberglass sub enclosures for a variety of makes and models of vehicles on the road today, including certain Ford, Audi, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, GMC, Hyundai, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen, Fiat, Land Rover, Pontiac, Scion, Isuzu and Infinity models. Obviously it is not possible, to offer a stealthbox for every make and model of vehicle, which makes JL’s product line somewhat limited. Plus, the asking prices for JL Audio stealthboxes can reach staggering proportions.

Because of this, many do-it-yourselfers have begun to look elsewhere to find similar products at more affordable prices. Stealth boxes from other companies are only a fraction of the cost of what JL charges. Anyone looking to install a stealth box into their ride should look around the internet and settle on a product from a company who gives the customer the most flexible offerings and has the best reviews. There are a variety of online dealers making their own line of stealth box enclosures that are high quality and low on price. Be sure to check out some of them when choosing a subwoofer or your next install.

Stealth box volume is obviously great but the manufacturer does not publish the volume levels as they are set up after the device is fitted in the enclosure space and then checked what volume levels work best with it. The volume and bass levels are amazing, you can understand just from the power it has as it starts from 100 watts RMS to 1600 watts RMS at its peak.