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Improve the Sound Quality and Output of Your Car – Say Goodbye to Boredom

Today, most people spend a lot of their time in their cars – driving to and from work, running errands and more.

Unfortunately, the only form of entertainment a driver can get is music from the vehicle’s audio system. Fact is that your car’s default audio system may not offer high quality audio output. This is why most drivers invest in car subwoofers to add onto their system.

What are subwoofers?

These are speakers designed to produce low frequency sounds. No matter what kind of music you love, a good quality subwoofer will definitely improve your overall listening experience. Car speakers can be good, but subwoofers are great. They add depth and realism to any kind of music.

Types of subwoofers

Powered subwoofer

They contain both the amplifier and subwoofer in their enclosure. They are very compact and are limited to the amount of bass they produce.

Component Subwoofer

This is the subwoofer itself, hence it must be mounted inside the subwoofer enclosure to operate efficiently. Their sizes typically range from 8 to 15 inches and must be powered with an external amplifier.

Vehicle Specific Subwoofers

These models are designed to save space in cars, SUVs and trucks. Some will be “loaded”, which means the enclosure comes with a subwoofer and others will be “empty”, meaning you are buying the custom-fit cabinet and must load your own subwoofer into it. Empty vehicle specific enclosures offer much more flexibility because it allows the user to select the brand and model that they prefer. Many users have favorite brands and don’t like being forced into a certain brand like “loaded” enclosures do.

What to consider when looking for a good quality subwoofer for car


The power or wattage lets you know how much the power the speaker is capable of. If you already own an amplifier, you should ensure that it can provide the power required by the subwoofer without over-powering it.

The voice coils

Any subwoofer may come with single or dual voice coils. The advantage of a dual voice coil is that it offers you more flexibility when you want to wire the subwoofer to a sound system. Dual voice coil or DVC subwoofers will almost always handle more power versus a single coil subwoofer.

Cone quality

It’s important to take a look at the material of the cone and surrounds. These components affect the sound quality and durability of the system. For surrounds, go for rubber cones and stay away from ones made from urethane, ie foam. Cone materials can range from paper and reinforced paper to injection-molded. Remember that the stiffer the cone, the better the bass response will be.


Most people think that the bigger the subwoofer, the better the sound quality and output. This isn’t always the case, as small subwoofers placed in the right enclosure can perform better than a bigger one. Therefore, you should consider the overall features and match each subwoofer properly to it’s enclosure.

What about the enclosures?

There are two types of enclosures – sealed and ported. Sealed enclosures are known to produce accurate and tight bass. They are very responsive as air doesn’t move in or out but require more power.

Ported (bass reflex) enclosures come with a vent that reinforces low bass frequencies. They offer more output at less power but are not accurate.

Ensure that you buy your subwoofer for car from trusted suppliers. Check the price and warranty offered as they might help you know if the subwoofer is of good quality.