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All About Dodge Ram Subwoofer Boxes

The Dodge Ram subwoofer box is something that is catching all the attention these days. People are really fond of these boxes due to their ruggedness and reliability. The sound quality of these subwoofer boxes is superior and they are manufactured for the high-end niche market. The subwoofer boxes can be a little more expensive, but where else can one find a superior subwoofer box that can be individually customized to this level. We are here to provide you with some basic information regarding these Dodge Ram sub boxes.

The general characteristics of sub boxes:

The Dodge Ram subwoofer boxes typically fit 10 and 12” subwoofers. They are compatible with Regular Cab and Mega cab Ram trucks. All of them are designed based on a customer’s truck to ensure exact fitment. This way, you are guaranteed a perfect fit every time. In the case of the Dodge Regular Cab Sub box, one design will fit years 94 to 01 and a slightly different version will fit years 2002 and up. In the case of the Mega Cab Sub box, they offer an early 2006-2011 version and a late version for 2012-2016 Mega cabs.

How to install these Dodge Ram boxes?

The installation procedure of the Dodge Ram Sub Box is pretty simple and needs no installation guidebook. They fit perfectly behind the rear seats. One can easily remove the jack and storage tray in the case of the standard cab boxes. With the mega cab, the only requirement is to first remove the storage bin that is mounted behind the rear seat. Why should you choose these sub boxes?

If you are a little picky about your custom Dodge Ram sub box, then you can surely go for this one.

These subwoofer boxes are made to perfection and are beautifully crafted without any errors. If you are a fan of loud music and wish to have high sound quality, then these can be a nice choice.