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Justin’s 2015 Colorado Crew Cab Install

A customer of ours sent us some pics of his recent install using our front fire box for the new 2015/2016 Colorado Crew.  We also built him a custom amp mount to sit under the seat next the box.  Here is what he sent us in his own words


I got home last night and found a hell of surprise sitting on my porch.  I opened it up and couldn’t believe my eyes.  That sub setup you built for me is unreal.  I’ve had stealth enclosure in every car I’ve had and this is my favorite.  
The sub fits excellent in the box.  The amp sits great in the mount.  Can’t wait to get her wired and see how she works.
I’m looking forward to leaving rave reviews on your website.  Here are some pics to show you how well it works!
Here are some photos Justin sent us
 Sub Setup 2 Sub Setup 1Sub Setup 3
Looks great.  Glad you like it Justin.  Enjoy!!